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Seite eintragen - Add your website free - Reciprocal linking

Exchanging links with websites (also known as reciprocal linking) is by far the most cost effective form of online advertising and it is absolutely free! Reciprocal linking is the best way to improve your search engine ranking and position.

Reciprocal linking means that you have to place a link to us on your website. Before you submit this form, you must install a reciprocal link (listed below) on your home page (or an appropriate and relevant sub-page on the same website domain with a direct link from your home page).

• We accept only top-level websites. We do not accept sub-domains.
• We DO NOT accept websites related to referral or affiliate programs, sites that are duplicated from one template with ID numbers in their URL address!
• We DO NOT accept porn websites, online pharmacy related websites, gambling, alcohol or tobacco related websites, websites encouraging racism or hate! We do not accept websites with illegal content or containing offensive materials!
• We DO NOT accept websites that have numerous popups, banner or link farms, websites with no original content!
• Submit ONLY your homepage to the most appropriate category and subcategory. DO NOT submit the same website more than once.
• Your website listing in our web directory will be active as long as the reciprocal link existed.

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* Our reciprocal link (backlink)
To validate the reciprocal link please include the following HTML code to your website, before submiting this form.
* Your website URL with our link   Enter your URL where you have added our reciprocal link specified above.
DO NOT submit your website into our web directory until you have added our reciprocal link to your website.
Please enter the letters from the security image.
After you submit this form, please be patient, reciprocal link validation may take up to 1 minute (depends on your page size).

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